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About Global Succession
Name Global Succession Inc.
Headquarters 4F Toetsu-Hakuyo Bldg., 4-9 Yombancho, Chiyoda, Tokyo, 102-0081
Consulting services related to foreigners purchase Japanese real properties
Consulting services related to foreign inheritance in Japan
Information delivery related to foreigners purchasing real properties in Japan
Introduce specialists for foreigners purchasing real properties and inheritance
Masato SASAKI, Shiho-shoshi Lawyer
Director Ryosuke KIMURA, Attorney-at-law and Tax Accountant
Global Succession Inc. provides consultation services for foreign people who are willing to purchase real properties in the land of Japan. The consultation is aiming to satisfy foreigners from the purchase to the further management and potential family inheritance in accordance with international tax policies, the purpose of the purchase, and the uniqueness of family issues.
Affiliated to STK Legal Group in Tokyo, Japan, Global Succession Inc. has extensive experience in international inheritance in Japan. We want to provide consultation services which match every foreigner’s personal needs and willingness.
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